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On October 16, 1915, supporters of the women’s suffrage movement in Massachusetts held a rally in support of a ballot measure that would have amended the Massachusetts Constitution to grant women the right to vote. The program features instructions…

The broadside solicits the assistance of women throughout the state for the 1844 annual antislavery fair to take place the following December 24th: "If you wish slavery to cease, you cannot more effectually aid in its extinction, than by upholding…

Written by Maria Weston Chapman, this is the second annual report of the Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society. Pages 3 to 74 provide a detailed account of circumstances of the famous riots on October 21 at Garrison's anti-slavery rooms.

This is a broadside printing of the letter sent to William Lloyd Garrison, editor of The Liberator, from Angelina Grimke shortly after the infamous Proslavery Riot in Boston. Grimke wrote in response to a series of mob riots in Boston, Philadelphia,…
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