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“Attorney General joins in urging women’s registry.” Looney wrote this letter to Robert Maud, tax collector of Travis County on June 6, 1918 addressing, and clarifying the registration of women voters.


Broadside indicating: “Who cannot vote/Who can vote/Residence defined/Voters may appoint judges/Where voter has changed residence/Poll tax receipt must be presented/The official ballot/Assistance to voter in preparing ballot/Marked or mutilated…


Depicts an image of a woman trying to protect her children and home from movie halls, saloons, brothers, and dance halls. Quote is William Jennings Bryan, Secretary of State: “I place the emphasis upon the mother’s right to a voice in moulding the…

Campaign literature stating: "Between ourselves let us give women the vote and vote for the woman suffrage amendment, Nov.7." The South Dakota Universal Franchise League was organized in 1911 by Mary Shields ("Mamie") Pyle. The women's suffrage…

Campaign literature asking: " ... Why is it that the only place in the world where man wants to represent woman is at the ballot box? ??? Vote for the suffrage amendment, Nov. 7."

"This is the teaching of National Suffrage Leaders. Are you willing for women who hold these views to become political powers in our country?" Published in 1895, The Woman’s Bible attempted to redefine references pertaining to women and the denial of…


Broadside reads: Justice/Equality/Why women want to vote/Women are citizens, and wish to do their civic duty. It also lists reasons why working women, housekeepers, mothers, teachers, business women, tax-paying women, women of leisure, and all women…


The broadside solicits the assistance of women throughout the state for the 1844 annual antislavery fair to take place the following December 24th: "If you wish slavery to cease, you cannot more effectually aid in its extinction, than by upholding…
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