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Josiah Henson (1789-1883) was an author, abolitionist, and minister. The public originally believed that Henson's life story was the basis for the character of Uncle Tom in her novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin.

In her narrative, Truth recounts her name changes, identity, and declares herself, by her will, not a willing victim, but an active opponent. She recounts early incidents showing the absolute inhumanity of slavery as practiced in the North as well as…

Lydia Maria Child was a noted abolitionist, women's rights advocate, scholar and popular author. This publication was the first book of the American abolitionist movement, and it is one of the key documents in the movement.

Annie Nathan Meyer was a founder of Barnard College. Black Souls was one of the first plays performed by an all-Black cast and one of the earliest known lynching dramas written by a white woman. She was an ardent feminist who espoused many reform…

First edition inscribed by Mary McLeod Bethune. This work features the biographies of seven African-American women who were pioneers in education, financial and social institutions.

Phillis Wheatley is considered the first black woman poet in America. This first edition is illustrated and includes the Memorial by Margaretta Matilda Odell, a descendant of the Wheatley family.

Maria W. Stewart is considered America's first Black woman journalist and political writer. Productions of Mrs. Maria W. Stewart was compiled in 1834 and published in 1835 after Stewart left Boston. It contains Stewart's speeches and addresses from…
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