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The appendix comprises a bibliographical list of Mrs. Child's writings and Phillips' remarks at her funeral in 1880. This selection of letters emphasized Child's role as an abolitionist.

Child’s vehement anti-slavery position was greeted with hostility and a boycott of her books. This pamphlet calls for immediate emancipation.

Originally published in 1829, this domestic manual, The American Frugal Housewife, contains Child’s household hints, cheap recipes, and budgeting information. It is unique in that she wrote it for lower and middle class women. In her introduction…

Lydia Maria Child was one of the first American women to make a career from her writing. She completed her first novel at the age of 22. In the Anti-Slavery Catechism, Child has appropriated a format usually reserved for religion, thereby infusing…

Lydia Maria Child was a noted abolitionist, women's rights advocate, scholar and popular author. This publication was the first book of the American abolitionist movement, and it is one of the key documents in the movement.

The first slave narrative written by a woman.
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