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Rheta Dorr was a journalist and feminist from Nebraska. In 1914 she became the first editor of The Suffragist, official organ of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage, forerunner of the National Woman's Party. Dorr dedicated the biography to her…

Phebe Ann Coffin Hanaford was a Christian Universalist minister and biographer who was active in championing universal suffrage and women's rights. This work attempts to record the life and times of hundreds of remarkable women including religious…


Anna Shaw was the first woman ordained (1880) by the Methodist Protestant church, after graduating from Boston University Divinity School in 1878, the only woman in her class. She was also a leader of the women's suffrage movement in the United…

This first edition of Anna Gordon’s memorial biography of Frances Willard contains character Sketches and Memorial tributes by: Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward, Mary Livermore, Susan B. Anthony, Booker T. Washington, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Rabbi…

In her narrative, Truth recounts her name changes, identity, and declares herself, by her will, not a willing victim, but an active opponent. She recounts early incidents showing the absolute inhumanity of slavery as practiced in the North as well as…

This first edition of Life and Letters, edited by their granddaughter Anna Davis Hallowell, is the first complete biography of Lucretia Mott, who was a pioneer in the reform movements of the 19th-century including abolition, suffrage, and temperance.…

Ida Husted Harper (1851-1931) collaborated with Susan B. Anthony on an account of her life and the suffrage movement. Harper moved into Anthony’s New York home to compile these volumes.

First edition inscribed by Mary McLeod Bethune. This work features the biographies of seven African-American women who were pioneers in education, financial and social institutions.
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