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From the preface: “This volume contains all the objections to woman-suffrage, their answers, and the cream of all that has been said and written on the subject from Moses and Plato down to Paul and 'Josiah Allen's wife.'

May was an American reformer who supported a number of movements including: education, women's rights, and abolition of slavery. He wrote The Rights and Condition of Women in 1846 in favor of giving women the right to vote and allowing them equality…

Depicts an image of a woman trying to protect her children and home from movie halls, saloons, brothers, and dance halls. Quote is William Jennings Bryan, Secretary of State: “I place the emphasis upon the mother’s right to a voice in moulding the…

Grimké, an active abolitionist and crusader for women's rights, sets down her thoughts on the natural equality of the sexes and foreshadows many of the arguments of later feminists.

John Stuart Mill was a British philosopher, political economist, and civil servant. Mills argued in favor of legal and social equality between men and women. In his essay The Subjection of Women he wrote that “the legal subordination of one sex to…

This issue of the Tribune features “The Rights of Woman,” a reporter’s account of the Ohio Woman’s Rights Convention from May 28th in Akron. At the 1851 Women’s Rights Convention held in Akron, Ohio, Sojourner Truth (c. 1797– 1883) delivered what is…

Mary Wollstonecraft [Godwin] was a British teacher and writer. Her path-breaking feminist manifesto argued for the spiritual and rational equality of women and was extremely influential in years to come, on both sides of the Atlantic. She argued that…

The Reverend Olympia Brown was the first woman to be ordained by the Northern Universalist Denomination. In 1866 she helped found the American Equal Rights Association and in that same year called for a convention in November that led to the…

Ida Husted Harper (1851-1931) collaborated with Susan B. Anthony on an account of her life and the suffrage movement. Harper moved into Anthony’s New York home to compile these volumes.
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