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Dedicated to the women’s anti-suffrage associations. Published by the Women’s Anti-Suffrage Association in Boston, MA. In opposition to the suffragists, the association used red and pink as their official colors and the rose as their official flower.…

Ida Husted Harper (1851-1931) collaborated with Susan B. Anthony on an account of her life and the suffrage movement. Harper moved into Anthony’s New York home to compile these volumes.

Published by the New York State Women’s Suffrage Association. On the cover, a women’s march is depicted with the famous Flat Iron Building in the background. In the songbook, there is sheet music for the piano. This work was most likely sold as a…

George Hoar was an American politician and United States Senator from Massachusetts (1877-1904). Senator Hoar argues that woman's active participation in church and state will work well for the country.

“Give us a vote and we will cook the better for a wide outlook.” From soup stock to apple rolls, Jennings’ compilation of recipes donated by suffragists from around the state was planned as a fundraiser for the Washington Equal Suffrage Association…

From the preface: “This volume contains all the objections to woman-suffrage, their answers, and the cream of all that has been said and written on the subject from Moses and Plato down to Paul and 'Josiah Allen's wife.'

Officially approved for the benefit of the equal suffrage cause, Massachusetts Woman’s Suffrage Association. “Awake! Awake! Ye sisters all, in this our glorious land, and must to the bugle call to lend a helping hand; to settle strife where such be…

The National Woman Suffrage and Educational Committee was created to coordinate the fight for women's rights through the country, distribute publications to assist in those efforts, and appeal for donations for a printing fund. The Appeal contains a…

Documents the speech of Jane Addams seconding the nomination of Theodore Roosevelt and a letter from Roosevelt to Addams. The Progressive Party platform in 1912 included a number of labor related goals including: the prohibition of child labor, a…

Campaign literature asking: " ... Why is it that the only place in the world where man wants to represent woman is at the ballot box? ??? Vote for the suffrage amendment, Nov. 7."
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