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First and last issue of this short-lived suffragist magazine (intended to be a bi-monthly). Mostly a digest of news, with an inaugural editorial on the suffrage movement in California.

Maria Weston Chapman (1806-1885) was named to the executive board of the American Anti-Slavery Society in 1840 and helped to edit its newspaper, The Liberator. In 1844, she helped found and co-edit the Anti-Slavery Standard. This anthology contains…

Maria Weston Chapman was an abolitionist who helped found and lead the Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society in 1832. At the 1839 fair, she debuted The Liberty Bell, an annual gift book that she edited and published to be sold at the fairs. It contained…

First of only three volumes (1835-37) of the annual Anti-Slavery Record. Contains stories and woodcut pictures. Of particular interest is the account of the flogging of Amos Dresser who, as a means of raising funds for his education, sold…
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