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Pamphlet gives voting information for thirteen southern states such as poll times, compensation, voting requirements, absentee voting, voter turnout from previous elections, and expected African American voter turnout.


Pamphlet address how Louisiana law discriminated against women, as well as equal rights legislation secured by the Woman’s Party at the Special Session of the Louisiana Legislature in November of 1921.

This survey documented the voting, registration, and political activities of women in California. Report includes: the number of women registered to vote, related legislation obtained, offices held by women, women who served on juries, and related…

First and last issue of this short-lived suffragist magazine (intended to be a bi-monthly). Mostly a digest of news, with an inaugural editorial on the suffrage movement in California.

Suffragists from Oklahoma and Indian territories met in 1904 in Oklahoma City and established the Woman Suffrage Association of Oklahoma and Indian Territory. After the Oklahoma Constitutional Convention delegates voted against women's suffrage in…

Powell Clayton served as the Republican Governor of Arkansas (1868-1871), as a United States Senator (1871-1877) and as United States Ambassador to Mexico (1899 to 1905). According to Clayton “the ballot box is the foundation of our American…


Publication contains revised statues regarding elections of representatives and the duties assigned to supervisors of elections. Includes “what shall entitle a person to vote” and the penalty for hindering someone’s ability to vote.

Pamphlet reassured men that granting suffrage to women would not be a threat. The pamphlet quotes the governor of Wyoming as saying “I approved the bill giving Suffrage to woman, without looking favorably upon it, owing to my early prejudices, but…

Davis was a lawyer, soldier, and politician. He served as a general in the Union Army during the Civil War. He also served for one term as the Governor of Texas (1870 to 1874). From the Governor's Office, Austin, Texas, September 23, 1872, the…

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Hamilton was a lawyer, state representative, and the 11th Governor of Texas. The Impartial Suffrage League was founded in Boston in 1866. League members expressed support for women’s suffrage, but the league’s constitution was confined to attaining…
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