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Angelina and her sister Sarah spoke publically against slavery. The Grimke sisters were key in the developing women's rights movement from their work in the abolitionist movement as exemplified in this pamphlet.

First edition stamped “Miss Beecher on the Slave Question.” Catharine Beecher was an educational reformer, and the elder sister of novelist and abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe and half-sister of suffragist Isabella Beecher Hooker. She broke with…

Elizabeth Buffum Chace (1806-1899) was a suffragist and anti-slavery advocate. She and her husband conducted an Underground Railroad station from 1840 on in Valley Falls, R.I. She helped sponsor the first Woman's Rights Convention in Worcester, 1850.…

Lillie Buffum Chace Wyman was the daughter of Elizabeth Buffum Chace and wife of John Crawford Wyman. This first edition contains first-hand biographical profiles of active members of the anti-slavery movement.

This first edition of Life and Letters, edited by their granddaughter Anna Davis Hallowell, is the first complete biography of Lucretia Mott, who was a pioneer in the reform movements of the 19th-century including abolition, suffrage, and temperance.…

In her narrative, Truth recounts her name changes, identity, and declares herself, by her will, not a willing victim, but an active opponent. She recounts early incidents showing the absolute inhumanity of slavery as practiced in the North as well as…
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