Carrie Marcus Neiman in Wedding Dress

December 3rd to January 30th, 2022

An Eye for Elegance explores the life and legacy of Carrie Marcus Neiman, who with her brother Herbert Marcus, Sr. and her husband Al Neiman, founded the iconic luxury department store Neiman Marcus. The trio opened the high end, ready-to-wear store in 1907. At the time, women who could afford luxury clothing had them custom made in New York and Paris, Dallas was still a mid-sized regional hub, and oil wealth hadn't yet come to Texas. An Eye for Elegance explores how Carrie, along with buyer Moira Cullen, fashion promotions director Kay Kerr, interior designer Eleanor LeMaire and food director Helen Corbitt shaped the fashions and tastes of their clients and society.

On exhibit through January 30th in the Hillcrest Exhibit Hall, Fondren Library West.

Extended hours: M-F, 8:30-5

Saturday, Jan. 29: 9-5

Sunday, Jan. 30: 1-5

Free Admission