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Bill Wittliff—Texas Man of Letters, Selections from the Virgil Musick Collection


Bill Wittliff spent two decades as the creative force behind The Encino Press (1963-1983), which garnered more than 100 awards for its publications. Alongside his wife Sally, Wittliff established a company that became synonymous with Southwestern literature, exceptional book design, and fine press printing and publishing. In these early days of regional publishing Wittliff found authors and artists, and they found him. 

Texas native Virgil Musick also noticed something special in The Encino Press. A former Army radar operator at the North Pole in the early 1950s and later the founder of a transportation consulting company, Musick pursued an interest in Bill Wittliff’s work, including his time at Southern Methodist University Press and The Encino Press. His collection includes first editions and signed works, many with personal notes from Wittliff to Musick. In addition to books, Musick also assembled broadsides, ephemera, prints, and correspondence. In 2016 Virgil Musick donated his collection to DeGolyer Library at Southern Methodist University.

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