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DeGolyer Library, Danny O. Crew Sheet Music Collection

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Womans Rights A Right Good Ballad
Written and composed by Kate Horn in opposition to the Women’s Suffrage Movement, the song included lyrics such as, “Tis ‘Woman’s right’ as Wife to act/ Alone to Legislators, / But ‘not her right’ to mount the stand/ And speak as commentators.”

Everybody Works But Ma (She’s an Advocate of Woman’s Rights)
Ralph Heller Beittel (1884-1971) was an American composer. His early works were published under the pseudonym Grace Heller (his wife’s first name and his middle name). He self-published under his own company Columbia Music Co. Lyrics in this song…

I’m on My Way to Reno
Written by William Jerome in opposition to the Women’s Suffrage Movement. The song describes a husband leaving his wife because she is now a suffragette. The song states, “Reno life is simply great; they grant divorces while you wait.”

Since My Margerette Become-a-da-Suffragette
The song mocks the suffrage movement as well as the Italian immigrants. In the song, the wife has learned about the suffrage movement and she is now a supporter, in which the husband now is subject to her domination. He gives her all of his money…

The Anti-Suffrage Rose Song
Dedicated to the women’s anti-suffrage associations. Published by the Women’s Anti-Suffrage Association in Boston, MA. In opposition to the suffragists, the association used red and pink as their official colors and the rose as their official flower.…

I’ll Be No Submissive Wife
Written by Alexander Lee in New York in support of women’s rights. Lee wrote, “I’ll not be a slave for life—not I love, honor, and obey.”

Woman Suffrage Campaign Songbook
A joint resolution was adopted by the legislature of Nebraska in February, 1881, proposing an amendment to the constitution of the state, so as to drop the word “male” out of the suffrage qualifications, thereby conferring upon the women of Nebraska…

Give Us the Ballot Song and Ladies Quartet Chorus
Published in Emmetsburg, Iowa, and dedicated to the Political Equality Club in the same city. The Political Equality Clubs were spread around the country by Susan B. Anthony as a way to educate both men and women about women’s rights issues.

Song Leaflet
Leaflet consists of lyrics for eight suffrage songs including: Battle Hymn of the Republic / Columbia’s Daughters / Woman’s Crusade / The Taxation Tyranny / The Breaking Day / New Columbia / Give the Ballot to the Motes / New America. Produced by the…

The Militant Suffrage Song
Published by The World, January 23, 1910, "As sung in Charles Dillingham's Musical Comedy Success 'The Old Town'... Now appearing at the Globe Theatre 46th St. and Broadway..."
“Tho’ once a little household pet, I’m now a fighting suffragette. “
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