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Letters on the equality of the sexes, and the condition of woman. Addressed to Mary S. Parker
Grimké, an active abolitionist and crusader for women's rights, sets down her thoughts on the natural equality of the sexes and foreshadows many of the arguments of later feminists.

A history of the national woman's rights movement for twenty years: with the proceedings of the decade meeting held at Apollo hall, October 20, 1870, from 1850 to 1870, with an appendix containing the history of the movement during the winter of 1871, in the national capitol.
Woodhull was an American leader of the women's suffrage movement who ran for President of the United States in 1872. Davis was an abolitionist, suffragist, and educator who was one of the founders of the New England Woman Suffrage Association.

Constitutional equality a right of woman: or, A consideration of the various relations which she sustains as a necessary part of the body of society and humanity; with her duties to herself--together with a review of the Constitution of the United States, showing that the right to vote is guaranteed to all citizens.
Cook was a suffragist and one of the first women to open a Wall Street brokerage firm. Here she argues that “both sexes are born equal, possessed of the same essential germinal qualities of character, conscience and intellect, and entitled to the…

The woman-suffrage movement in the United States, a study; by a lawyer.
Dedicated “To my mother whose mind moved the hand that held the pen.” From an unknown author, this work examines the suffrage movement through the legal issues of marriage, divorce, taxation and religion. According to the author, “female suffrage is…

Washington Women's Cook Book.
“Give us a vote and we will cook the better for a wide outlook.” From soup stock to apple rolls, Jennings’ compilation of recipes donated by suffragists from around the state was planned as a fundraiser for the Washington Equal Suffrage Association…

Who represents her?
Campaign literature asking: " ... Why is it that the only place in the world where man wants to represent woman is at the ballot box? ??? Vote for the suffrage amendment, Nov. 7."

As man to man
Campaign literature stating: "Between ourselves let us give women the vote and vote for the woman suffrage amendment, Nov.7." The South Dakota Universal Franchise League was organized in 1911 by Mary Shields ("Mamie") Pyle. The women's suffrage…

Susan B. Anthony, the woman who changed the mind of a nation
Rheta Dorr was a journalist and feminist from Nebraska. In 1914 she became the first editor of The Suffragist, official organ of the Congressional Union for Woman Suffrage, forerunner of the National Woman's Party. Dorr dedicated the biography to her…

Women's suffrage: the reform against nature
Horace Bushnell opposed woman’s suffrage because he thought of politics as a kind of necessary evil. Chapters include: Women not created or called to govern / Scripture doctrine coincides / Subtle mistakes of feeling and argument / The report of…

The Remonstrance against woman suffrage
The Remonstrance was published quarterly by the Massachusetts Association Opposed to the Further Extension of Suffrage to Women expressing “the views of women in Massachusetts. Maine, Rode Island, Michigan, Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire,…
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